News 4 Tucson KVOA Rebrand

KVOA long suffered as the #2 news station in Southern Arizona. Graphically, KVOA was coming in dead-last. Once I joined as Design Director, I made it my mission to produce the best graphics the station has ever seen and jump ahead of the competition. I gathered retro art styles and designs from old KVOA looks and logos that were laying around the old art director’s office and came up with a blend of old and new to refresh KVOA’s visual identity. I wanted to fuse clean-styled 3D and introduce angles that were visually representative of the number “4”. Pairing this with live-action aerial shots I directed of various downtown locations of Tucson (pre-DJI drone days, the one we had was custom built), I conceived, designed, animated, and edited everything here.

These opens and reopens were the cornerstones of the rebrand, since they kick off the entire show. I wanted viewers to recognize the “glimmer” sound effect, paired with the “chimes” of the NBC logo, as it brightens up the darkness, and indicating that they were about to experience a whole new KVOA.






N4T Investigators Spot

I directed the live action and motion graphics endtag (:24 – :30) for KVOA’s newly created Investigative team.

News 4 Weather & Traffic App Spot

I created this entire spot, which was also broken down into a :20, :15, and :10.

OTS and Lower 3rds

Over the shoulder (OTS) and Lower Third (L3’s) graphics were the third piece of the visual identity puzzle that needed refreshing. Time flies by in the deadline-driven news environment, so you usually don’t have the luxury to storyboard or styleframe out everything. In these cases, I had to sketch a quick storyboard of the animation I wanted and hold the concept in my mind and go straight into designing and animating in After Effects and Cinema4D. The lower thirds were particularly difficult in keeping with SD Title Safe standards, and fitting the abundant amount of information on the screen without being busy.

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