I create, therefore I am... Danny Adelman.

Artistic and usually altruistic, I'm an Arizona based art director, animator, designer and writer.


Direct visions from my infinite imagination onto digital displays and lately, been writing my cumulative thoughts down. Hopefully, one of these outlets will become my legacy in life.

Art Direction, Creative Direction

Creative and Art Direction

Due to my perfectionist nature, I tend to be great at manning the helm of visual and creative endeavors.

Motion Graphics, Motion Design, Mograph

Motion Graphics

Unlike their couch potato counterpart, these are graphics that get up off their lazy asses and move. It involves animating in all mediums.

Graphic Design, Graphic Art

Graphic Design

From outdoor billboards to favicons, I’ve created it all. I’ve been immersed in the graphical world for over a decade.

Screenwriting, Scriptwriting


A new venture for me. Still figuring out my best workflow and perfecting the creation of a narrative. Character and theme reign supreme.


My random and jarring journal containing things such as: Screenwriting, Movies, Rants, Personal Thoughts, Design, Life (mine, sometimes yours if you’re lucky), Video Games, Self-Improvement / Self-Help, etc.

January 2, 2016 0

Criticism and Subjectivity

I’m listening to an audiobook by Robert Greene and 50 Cent, The 50th Law. An excerpt that has stuck with me is…

November 4, 2015 0


Twelve-thirty in the morning and despite being tired all day, my second wind hits me stronger than a shot of espresso….

January 21, 2015 0


I haven’t placed much enthusiasm on my birthdays for a few years now. For me, at the moment, it’s just another…