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Quick Disclosure

While there’s no one set rule for releasing a screenplay online, I’m doing it purely for the feedback. If you decide to download or read any of my work, all that I ask in return is that after you’re done, please send me an e-mail with any critiques. Lastly, if you feel like sharing, go ahead and mash the social buttons below. Thank you!



STATUS: 2nd Draft

SHORT SYNOPSIS: Set in the fictional city of Southtown, this story centers around the Bogard brothers, Terry and Andy. As children, they witness their father’s murder at the hands of a ruthless martial artist turned crime boss. The image burned forever in their hearts and minds, they vow revenge. With the help of their father’s martial arts master — Master Tung — the brothers split up to increase their chance of survival and train in separate styles of martial arts. After a decade, when they reach the age and skill needed to defeat the man who killed their father, they reunite at last and face off against each other to test their strength, courage, and ruthlessness to see who is truly worthy of learning the secret ultimate technique passed down by their father’s school.

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  • UNTITLED WAR SHORT (Short film)
  • THE REPORTER (Feature)