Web Design

Xeridiem Medical Devices

Xeridiem Medical Devices needed a fresh design to make them stand out in their industry. I looked at many of their competitors websites, all looking dated and more or less the same med-tech vibe. I decided to utilize a darker color scheme to stand out amongst the crowd and the colors within their logo to enforce the brand.

Green Card Fund

Based off of the direction of their new corporate brochure, this new website was built with modern web design trends in mind, as well as utilizing the new Cornerstone platform.

Renaissance Village Mobile Mockup

A simple design to showcase the UI menu for the mobile version of Renaissance Village website.

Renaissance Village Website

Renaissance Villages host various retirement communities around Murrieta, CA and needed a fresh website to attract an elderly audience.

Revolutionary Medical Devices Web Design

I tried something new with a vertical menu for this website. The design was meant to be as clean and simple as possible to highlight the SuperNOVA product.

Continental Regional Center Web Design

Another web design displaying themes of patriotism, investment success, and opportunity tailored for an international audience.

Axiom Medical Web Design

Axiom needed a huge update in design for the website. I wanted to use as much new photography in the layout as possible, since many of their products look great in macro shots.

NewGen Advisory Web Design

Just to break things up a little and show that all websites I've been a part of developing have all been responsive for various devices and resolutions.

The National Museum of Law Enforcement

This micro-site was designed following some modern web design trends.

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