Graphic Design

A collection¬†of static designs I’ve created and had most creative control over.

Epic Abstract

Laid out in Cinema4D and spiced up in Photoshop, this abstract art piece is something I put a lot of thought into. What started out as a simple sketch (see below) soon blossomed into many hidden truths behind my place of employment. Strong enthusiasm for creativity goes in, then slowly burns out towards the end of the job. The lines were meant to be symbolic of working in many different directions daily.

Epic Process Sketch

My rough sketch of the idea

Fashion Eye Poster

Short copy = my favorite. Usually very easy to work typography into short and crisp copy. This one was a no brainer and probably done before by someone else out there.

Time Sucks

Human beings are the only ones living on Earth who are cursed with the knowledge of our own mortality. But fear not, this is something to be embraced! Time is the ultimate finite resource we have, and I created this poster in order to inspire, and most importantly, remind me of that fact.

Hot Rods Old Vail Restaurant & Garage

This logo was for a unique restaurant offering a dine-in experience surrounded in an automotive theme, a live working garage, and paint workshop. I wanted the logo to appeal to the gear head crowd with a slight Hard Rock Cafe connection with the hanging "H", but also have an imperfect, almost MTV feel to appeal to younger people also.

Hot Rods Process

Sketches of final elements to be scanned digitally and assembled into the final logo. Also, some early logo concepts.

GCF Corporate Brochure

Created with the visual premise that their primary colors of blue and green -- representing solidity of the Earth via land and water -- should be placed at the bottom of the pages. This is a theme we continued with on all of their print and web material as well.

GCF Corporate Brochure Print Example

GCF Corporate Brochure

GCF Corporate Brochure

GCF Corporate Brochure

GCF Corporate Brochure Print Example

GCF Corporate Brochure

WISE Intern Flyer

I made this long ago but it still remains as one of my favorite designs.

WISE Conference Flyer

Also one of my older designs. I used Maya back then to create the 3D elements.

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