I haven’t placed much enthusiasm on my birthdays for a few years now. For me, at the moment, it’s just another day. I celebrate life numerous times throughout the year which is good enough for me. Today’s birthday, however, had an unusual beginning.

A coworker picked me up (had my car serviced in the morning and it was going to take a few hours) to take me to work. What occurred in the following ten-minute drive to work was a nice little birthday surprise from life itself — the reminder of death being imminent and perhaps right around the corner. This coworker was drunk while driving, or at the very least a hard buzz while driving. At 9:45 in the morning. There was one close call in the car on the way to the office were a stark reminder of death nipping at my heels. I didn’t realize my coworker was impaired until then, and even then I wasn’t entirely sure since I’ve never driven with a drunk driver before. Luckily the office was very close and things weren’t as bad once we got off the main road. Coincidentally, this event and it’s reminder of life and death matched my new mindset that I’ve been in, in the past few weeks of not taking my remaining time for granted. I’ve been reminding myself daily: “You’re almost thirty now, time isn’t slowing down and if anything, it’s going way too fucking fast all of a sudden”. I need to get in fifth gear as quickly as I can, accomplish some long put-off goals, and make some shit happen in my life.

Overall, I’m just glad my twenty-eighth birthday wasn’t my first and only deathday.