The AviatorTwelve-thirty in the morning and despite being tired all day, my second wind hits me stronger than a shot of espresso. I just finished watching THE AVIATOR. It’s been a long time since a movie has moved me. Howard Hughes’ grand ambitions resonated with me a lot. It’s only strengthening a theme that has been with me since the start of the week. It’s been an odd week so far. An earthquake on Sunday kickstarted it, it seems. I discovered some things about myself, as well as new directions to take and a new perspective on life. Slowly switching my mindset to focus on the scarcity of time and worrying less about money. It’ll always remain a concern for me but I hope to one day completely let it go. It feels much like swimming against the tide, but simultaneously exillerating in the opportunity of discovering new land. Here’s to finishing my own ambitious visions.