Hold on to your butts...


I’m going to keep this pretty straightforward. My name is Danny Adelman, and as you may have already concluded, this is my website.

I’m a twenty-nine year old guy born ‘n bred in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve recently migrated northward to Phoenix, Arizona. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome living inside the famed, cyclically re-birthed bird of flames from legend. That’s not a metaphor. Phoenix summers feel as hot as the insides of a real, god-like bird made of inextinguishable fire. Ask anyone who lives here. Lucky for me, I was born in the desert not too far away, and I tend to enjoy the heat most days.

I started dabbling in graphic design, back then it was also called “Desktop Publishing”, when I was fifteen years old. What started as a way to make “1337 sig gfx” for web forums I contributed to back then, slowly turned into an addictive hobby. I took this hobby a step further choosing it as an initial career path as I couldn’t pry myself away from Photoshop for the longest time. She used to control my life, Photoshop. But then, a new harlot stole my attention for awhile. After Effects was only a six when I met her, but she had the potential of being a ten. She was a lot more flexible and liked to get up and move around a lot. Needless to say, I kept Photoshop around for when I needed someone to lounge with, but After Effects’ active lifestyle was more fun and overall more commercially appealing.

After the start of my career in local television news began, some things happened. Good things and bad things. I did many, many hours researching and studying all sorts of different subjects. All while practicing my skills at work and ya know, actually working. A time came where I hated life and complacency and I learned to pull myself out of that hole of anxiety and depression that stemmed from nowhere really. I got tired of the negativity at work that was all out of my control. After that, I decided to make a strong effort to jump to better opportunities. All along the way, I developed various momentum bursts where I learned a few secrets towards helping improve my life. Many of which I’m just now formulating and practicing.

Looking to hire?

Over the years I learned many things through interviewing. The primary being, that I may not be right for every job out there or every employer. However, for the jobs and people that I am right for, I am capable of doing amazing work and should a perfect storm occur in regards to projects and resources, I’ve proved to myself and others in the past that I can create something truly special.

5 Facts You Need To Know

I’m a colossal nerd. PC > MAC. This taught me how editing promos was done at age 12. I spoke 1337 at age 13. La-li-lu-le-lo madness at age 14, learning HTML when I was 16 (back then, the internet was starting to grow out of this crap). Pick almost any nerd talk and I can respond in kind.

Not really a big Star Wars or Star Trek fan, though! Go figure.

I love and primarily listen to Rap and Hip Hop music. I relate to only certain lyrics but I love the creativity and wordplay embedded by the best artists and I’m mostly drawn to well produced or unique beats.

I’m a proud owner of a Regional Emmy Award, won in 2009. I plan on submitting work for more regional nominations. However, I’d preferably like to win or be nominated for a prime time Emmy for writing in the future. 😉

The way to win me over is to provide me with pastry. Doesn’t matter what kind. Although, I’m preferential to Fruit-filled Danish, Madeleines, and Almond Bars.

The number five is my favorite number. It correlates with many amazing moments in my life and has some spiritual meaning as well.

Danny Adelman

Random Breakdowns

  • In Love with Scarlett Johansson 100%

  • Addiction to Pastry 90%

  • Life Progression 30%

  • Body Fat 16%

  • Daily Time Spent Commuting 10%